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February 14, 2023 | Products News Smart Facts

A step-by-step guide for home renovators.

  Choosing surfaces is one of the most important decisions to make when renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Style, colour and durability are all characteristics to consider...
Cream Low Silica Quartz Benchtop
August 31, 2022 | Products Smart Facts Trends
The recent release of Ibrido surfaces marks a new era in engineered stone. With innovation and integrity at the core of Ibrido composite surfaces, each...
Larger slabs are a big deal - Smartstone
February 21, 2020 | Smart Facts
Did you know that Smartstone offers the largest slab size in the quartz surface market? Whether you are renovating a home or working on a new build, here are three solid reasons why Smartstone’s larger slab size o...
Smartstone 2019 web tile
February 2, 2020 | Smart Facts Products
These days, the island bench features in many renovators’ dream kitchen design. In fact, the top three new built-ins in Australian kitchen renovations are island benches, number one with 46%*, followed by walk-in pantries and breakfast bars. ...
Smartstone engineered stone kitchen benchtops
October 10, 2019 | Smart Facts Products News
If you’re a renovator trying to establish the pros and cons of natural stone vs engineered stone such as Smartstone, this guide will help clear things up for you. While marble has been a prized material since ancient times, now modern technol...
Cleaning guide
September 10, 2019 | Smart Facts Products
Cleaning and maintaining your Smartstone benchtop is simple, here is a cleaning guide for you. 1. Remove and wipe clean any food particles or spilled liquid with a clean soft damp cloth. For regular stains, mix dishwashing liquid with warm...