November 24, 2022 | Products

CPD-Live Session on Sustainability with Smartstone

In a recent CPD-LIVE session, Smartstone presented a discussion facilitated by Matthew McDonald of Indesign and featured panellists Belinda Kelaher of Smartstone, Tone Wheeler of Environa Studio and Dr Sing Darcy from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Meeting the National Standard of Competency, the session focused on qualities of engineered stone and recent developments in the industry that address the continuing concern on silica content and sustainability.

An architect, author, educator, and consultant with an abiding interest in environmentally sustainable design, Tone Wheeler gave his insights on improvements to the raw materials to enhance and improve the quality through engineering. UNSW senior lecturer on Interior Architecture Dr. Sing Darcy stressed that consistency is guaranteed when using engineered stone.

In the discussion, Smartstone Managing Director Belinda Kelaher cited the new low silica Ibrido Collection that responds to concerns on health and safety in production as well as sustainability of the products.

“The product is perfectly safe in its manufactured form and the risk only lies in unsafe manufacturing processes,” said Belinda, referring to the health risk from the silica dust produced when cutting engineered stone.

The new Ibrido Collection from Smartstone has a very low silica content and is made from 56% recycled materials.

In addition to developing environmentally responsible products, sustainability means reducing waste by improving durability.

“One of the key components of Smartstone surfaces is its durability and long life, which means it does not need to be replaced often and avoids the energy and resources needed to replace it. Minimising waste and resources used is a step towards greater sustainability and a reduced overall environmental impact,” added Belinda.

Full story on INDESIGN LIVE: Augmented natural strength with engineered stone | IndesignLive

The complete discussion with questionnaire for one formal CPD point is available to stream on demand for a limited time, along with other CPD-live sessions. Watch it here now: Engineered Stone Products Breaking New Ground – CPD-Live

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