August 10, 2017 | Projects
Glenelg Units by Jag Kitchens

Simple, elegant kitchen in beach-side suburb of Adelaide shines with Smartstone Athena.

Simplicity with elegance. Part of a development of two units located in a beach-side Adelaide suburb of Glenelg, the clients were specific with the brief.  With the intention to sell the property, they needed the apartments to look great with sophistication without going way over the budget.

When designing the space, the designer didn’t want to deliver a typical kitchen but aspired for something more. One of the great features of this kitchen is the seamless Smartstone Athena island, where the designer tried to replicate a large block of marble.

The spacious kitchen and large Smartstone island are meant to attract potential buyers who love cooking or have a passion for entertaining.

The kitchen had met the clients brief and been well received by prospective buyers.

Smartstone Athena is a popular veined quartz surface with versatile, classical beauty that is seen in its unique veining and luminous white depth.

According to Jag Kitchens, Athena was used in this application because aside from being one of the newest colours in the Smartstone range it is also one of the only engineered stone products with an appealing texture of marble in it.

For over 25 years Jag Kitchens has been setting the standard for kitchen design excellence in South Australia. The winner of numerous design awards at state and national level, Jag now holds the title as Adelaide’s “most highly awarded kitchen company”.

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