August 8, 2023 | Products

Smartstone NewGen + porcelain = a complete indoor and outdoor surface solution

For over 21 years, Smartstone has been trusted by architects, interior designers, renovators, builders and developers for delivering the highest standards of beauty, quality, durability and value. Today, our combined ranges of low silica engineered stone and porcelain surfaces offer a complete solution for interior and exterior applications.

In 2019, Smartstone established an exclusive partnership with Italy’s Atlas Plan, a European porcelain leader globally renowned for its superb replications of marble and natural stone-look surfaces. With its exceptional aesthetic versatility for indoor-outdoor usage, Atlas Plan’s Australian porcelain collection complements Smartstone New Gen surfaces, including the Ibrido Collection, to provide a complete surface offering for interior and exterior applications, residentially and commercially.

Durable, UV-stable porcelain is ideal for outdoor spaces, including building facades, paving and wall panelling, as well as demanding, high-traffic interior spaces such as porcelain benchtops and kitchen splashbacks, sinks, tables, bathroom vanities and shower walls… the applications are limitless.

While Smartstone NewGen engineered stone and porcelain by Atlas Plan feature unique and distinctive qualities, they share these attributes:
• beautiful, durable, low silica surfaces
• non-porous, and heat, chemical and stain resistant
• jumbo slab size of 3200mm x 1600mm to deliver economy with design flexibility and slab optimisation
• low maintenance and easy to clean
• 15-year Limited Warranty

Designed for interior applications only, Smartstone NewGen engineered surfaces are formulated with a low silica and up to 56% recycled content. Read more about it here: Smartstone NewGen – it’s what’s inside that counts.

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