February 2, 2020 | Smart Facts
Island Life

These days, the island bench features in many renovators’ dream kitchen design. In fact, the top three new built-ins in Australian kitchen renovations are island benches, number one with 46%*, followed by walk-in pantries and breakfast bars. More than a food prep zone and servery, a kitchen island is often the social and organisational heart of home life, so it needs to be planned well.

1 First, make a list of the functions you need from your island. Will it house cupboards and drawers, a dishwasher, casual dining?

2 Consider the efficient placement of the ‘kitchen work triangle,’ as designers call these three busy points: the sink, stove and fridge. These along, with the scale of your space, will determine the size of your island bench.

3 Next, the fun part: choosing a benchtop material. Smartstone offers an unrivalled range of beautiful, durable engineered quartz surfaces – Australia’s number one* benchtop material– and a choice of edge profiles. Smartstone’s larger slab size can help save money while offering greater design optimisation, such as if you want an extra-long island benchtop.

46% of Australian kitchen renovators chose kitchen island for their new built-ins.

Houzz Kitchen Trends Study*

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