• big benefits Smartstone’s larger slab size comes with some major advantages for you – and giant savings are just the start.

Size matters: why a bigger smartstone slab is better 

It was big news in the industry when Smartstone launched its larger slab size of 3200 x 1600 x 20mm a few years ago replacing the 3000 x 1500 slab size – but why does a bigger slab size matter?

There are some solid reasons why and the first involves cost efficiency – good news for pretty much everyone but particularly those going through the expense of renovating as fewer slabs are needed. Some renovators on a budget have even used the one slab for both a kitchen benchtop and a bathroom vanity. 

As well as home renovators saving money, builders and developers who purchase multiple Smartstone slabs will find larger slabs are significantly more economical; larger slabs offer more cost effective per-square-metre rates as it reduces the number of slabs required.

Because of the cost savings that can be achieved using less slabs, home renovators and builders can opt to choose more luxurious and exclusive surfaces in a higher price category.

The second key reason is they offer more design flexibility, allowing you to expand your options. This is fantastic if you want a generous or extra-long benchtop – and we all know there’s no such thing as too much benchspace! When the slab is covering the entire bench area, such as a one-metre island benchtop and standard 600mm backbench from the one slab, there will be no joins in the surface. 

Fewer joins in a slab not only increases the overall benchtop strength, it is also an advantage to stonemasons when working with Smartstone’s veined collection of surfaces. These surfaces perfectly replicate natural marble in quartz and matching the vein perfectly is essential to achieving an overall luxurious appearance. The larger slab negates the need for stonemasons to vein match when the slab is covering the entire bench area, greatly reducing the work required.

Smartstone offers the largest slab size in the quartz surface market today across both its polished and honed collections. Only two surfaces, Calacatta Crema and Statuario Arabescato, are available in the smaller slab size of 3075mm x 1600mm in selected Australian states.

Image courtesy of Leeza-ann Egan