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Enhance your dining experience with Smartstone placemats by Piedra

For years, Smartstone has been bringing the beauty of natural stone to kitchens through its exceptional and unparalleled collection of quartz benchtops designed specifically for the Australian market. Now, Piedra Stone Tableware brings the same natural beauty to dining tables throughout the country.

By introducing unique, marble-designed, engineered stone placemats, Piedra takes that extra step to add luxury and elegance to modern table setting and family dining.

Traditionally, placemats were used for practical purposes, specifically to protect dining tables from heat, spills, watermarks, and normal wear-and-tear. Recent trends, however, extended its use from a mere protective table necessity to a decorative and aesthetic tableware accessory that adds texture, layers, and dimension.

Initially using marble placemats for sophisticated dinner parties and formal events, interior designers and stylists have increasingly used these placemats for relaxed and intimate family meals, providing additional patterns and embellishments in the dining area.

Recognising the value of a visually enticing dining table, Piedra chose two marble-like, veined surfaces from the Smartstone Milan Collection for its initial offering.: Amani Classico and Petra Grigio. Smartstone engineered stone placemats by Piedra are now available and ready to be part of every family’s dining experience. Amani Classico has refined grey veining on a luminous white background while Petra Grigio replicates a beautiful grey marble distinguished by delicate white veining.

This beautiful and innovative dining accessory comes in a set of 4 and presented in a stylish felt case which provides added protection. Each placemat has its own individual veining and cut to a square format (290x290mm) big enough to hold a standard dinner plate size of 250mm. Every Piedra Stone Tableware piece has met the highest standards of beauty, quality, innovation and value.⁠

Although designed primarily for décor and aesthetics, the stone-inspired placemats also provide protection for dining tables from heat, cold and stains. Made of 93% quartz, placemats by Piedra are, therefore, non-porous, more durable, and less susceptible to stains, which means they can last longer than placemats made of plastic, vinyl, linen and other fabrics.

Made from Smartstone surfaces, Piedra Stone Tableware has been tested by the CSIRO, and due to its low moisture absorption, is resistant to stains caused by wine, fruit juices, liquid food colouring, tea and spices with strong colours. This means that they are cleaned easily by simply wiping with a soft cloth and a pH neutral cleaner such as Smartstone-recommended Quartz Clean (@quartz_clean on Instagram).

With beautiful marble patterns and soft, organic look, Smartstone placemats by Piedra perfectly complement a well-prepared family feast especially when paired with elegant cutlery and textured glassware, creating an elevated tablescape for the next special dining occasion.

Based in Sydney Australia, Piedra Stone Tableware is a local, family-run business. Smartstone placemats are available for ordering online through its website and selected stockists in NSW, QLD, VIC and TAS.  Piedra is also on Instagram – @piedra.stonetableware.

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