Slight variations in appearance may occur between existing products and new Smartstone NewGen low silica surfaces.

Leonardo La Vena

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Pricing & Quality

Thanks to Smartstone’s range of engineered surfaces including porcelain, enjoying the luxurious beauty of natural stone is more achievable than ever. A simple cost structure will help you select the best surface to suit your budget and project. Our Smartstone price points, are based on the composition, pattern and the particular manufacturing process of the surfaces in the range and do not reflect its quality. 

NewGen Symbol The majority of Smartstone engineered surfaces are now available in the certified low silica base called Smartstone NewGen, with all 38 surfaces transitioning by June 2023. Surfaces branded low silica and up to 56% recycled indicate current national availability.

  • essentials Surfaces of beauty, quality and value at Smartstone’s most affordable price point.
  • premium A stylish range of some perennially popular textured and white Smartstone surfaces.
  • premium plus A range of classic engineered surface designs with both polished and honed finishes.
  • luxury Some of the world’s most prized natural stones engineered for durability.
  • exclusive Magnificent surfaces that perfectly recreate natural stone in durable Smartstone.
  • porcelain Sophisticated surfaces from Europe designed to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • ibrido Innovative hybrid print technology creates an exceptionally precise veined aesthetic.

Leonardo La Vena is a precise, incredibly natural-looking recreation of classic Italian marble, with its long, gently sweeping grey vein on a luminous white background.


NewGen Symbol More than a versatile and beautiful new range, these surfaces continue Smartstone’s transition to a new engineered base: Smartstone NewGen. Find out more here about this innovative formulation that’s low silica and up to 56% recycled.


Note: availability may vary by State.

Slab size 3200 x 1600 x 20mm
Slab thickness 20mm
Slab weight 256kg
Surface finish Polished
Silica content <28%
Disclaimer: Smartstone website images are indicative only. Surface appearance may vary depending on the device on which they are viewed. For the most accurate representation, we recommend that you use as reference the latest Smartstone samples which clearly indicate low silica.

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