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Soft Vein from Builders Range Featured in House Rules High Stakes Grand Final

Featured Colour: Carrara Gris
Project Name: House Rules High Stakes – Charity Home Renovation

House Rules High Stakes concluded its 8th season with a full blown charity home renovation in Penrith, 50 kilometres west of Sydney in NSW.

With the magnificent kitchen and bathroom design, the twins from Tasmania Kimmy and Rhi received the top score of 27 from the three judges and were named winners, taking home the title of House Rules High Stakes champions and $100,000 cash prize.

In the grand final, the teams designed and built a nano home for Lionel who became homeless through no fault of his own. A nano home combines state-of-the-art modular design with technology to provide a complete living solution that fits specific lifestyles with convenience and comfort.

The modular home was installed in a backyard as part of Wenthworth Community Housing’s growing garden flat program, providing low cost secure homes to help combat homelessness. Nano homes are small structures in the form of modular freight containers that are meant to be fully functional even with very limited space.

As consistent top scorers, Kimmy and Rhi chose to design and build the space-efficient kitchen where they used Carrara Gris benchtops from Smartstone’s special Builders’ Collection.

Along with Calacatta Gris (another builders’ special), Smartstone brought Carrara Gris into the market place to offer a fantastic cost effective vein option specifically for home and commercial builders with a jumbo size of 3200mm x 1600mm, providing excellent design flexibility and less wastage.  With the durability of quartz, Carrara Gris is an ideal alternative to natural stone as it perfectly replicates marble with its warm, subtle and random veining. One of 3 upgrade options for builders, Carrara Gris delivers a premium aesthetic at an affordable price and complementing the value-driven essentials collection.

Despite the limited space, Kimmy and Rhi successfully installed an island with storage underneath, providing additional benchtop space with the Carrara Gris benchtop blending very well with the wallpapered base. One of the house rules for this renovation was to use wallpaper designed by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen (LLB), a British self-styled “homestyle consultant” and television personality who has been House Rules judge for the last 4 seasons.

In another zone, best mates Laith and George from NSW who came in third place also used Carrara Gris as benchtop for the small laundry closet, which achieved its purpose and became a “stylish necessity.” The perfectly formed small laundry is stored neatly behind bi-fold doors with the Smartsone benchtop and LLB wallpapwer as splashback.

For the grand final, the teams designed, built and styled a home based on the following House Rules:

  1. Be house proud and create a Zen inspired retreat
  2. Make sure small is perfectly formed
  3. Decorate with life’s stylish necessities
  4. Be sustainable, natural and neutral
  5. Be cheeky with the use of LLB’s wallpaper

More information about this renovation available on House Rules home page.

Smartstone is a proud nation-wide supplier for House Rules High Stakes.

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