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Home Reno Round Ends With Veined Classics on House Rules High Stakes

Featured Colour: Statuario Venato and Imperial Grande
Project Name: House Rules High Stakes – Mid-Century Modern Home

In the sixth and final home renovation on Channel 7’s House Rules High Stakes, the top team chose the striking and beautiful, marble-inspired quartz surface that has caught the attention of many architects, designers and home owners.  The most popular veined surface in the Smartstone collection, Statuario Venato was the benchtop of choice for the kitchen in a “mid-century modern” home in Launceston Tasmania.

For the last challenge, the teams renovated the home of Kimmy, who is competing with her twin sister Rhi. The Tassie twins Kimmy and Rhi came out on top of the leader board last week but since it was their turn to have their home renovated, the power to choose and assign zones went to second placer QLD couple Tamara and Rhys who chose the kitchen and guest bedroom for themselves.

The dramatic, grey veins of Statuario Venato gave the kitchen the edgy look specified in the house rules, blending well with vintage and retro pink benchtop appliances and capitalising on a confident black, pink and grey colour scheme.

Statuario Venato is inspired by the Italian Statuario marble, an exclusive stone with distinct grey veining throughout and a striking, bold pattern, combining heavy veins with thinner ones. Smartstone’s version replicates real marble, offering both the natural beauty of stone and the durability of quartz. Unlike marble, quartz has low porosity so sealing is not required for Smartstone, making it safe and ideal for food preparation surfaces.

VIC couple Kayne and Aimee used the another marble-like surface, Imperial Grande, for benchtop in the tiny laundry space for this single dweller home. Neatly tucked behind bi-fold doors, the space efficient laundry features black cabinetry, pink VJ wall panels, black and white patterned tiles and a beautiful veined Smartstone benchtop.

An exquisite veined surface from the Smartstone exclusive range, Imperial Grande is glowing white surface made from translucent quartz and features soft, natural-looking veining.

In this home renovation, five House Rules High Stakes teams designed, built and styled their assigned zones while following the House Rules set by Kimmy and Rhi.  These rules were:

1. Design an edgy, mid-century modern home for Tassie twins.
2. Don’t be generic, think vintage cool.
3. Pack a punch with retro colours.
4. Present a plush pooch pad & playground.
5. We love to lounge and entertain so be generous here.

More information about this renovation available on House Rules home page.

Smartstone is a proud nation-wide supplier for House Rules High Stakes.

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