February 28, 2020 | Products
The porcelain difference

Smartstone proudly presents its keenly anticipated porcelain stoneware collection from Europe. Meet our new partner in porcelain, Italy’s Atlas Plan. They’re the leaders in the recent global porcelain surface trend, particularly for their perfect replications of marble and natural stone-look surfaces.

For those new to porcelain, it is a ceramic product which, through a highly technological process, fuses raw materials using intense temperatures and extreme pressure. The result is a permanently hardened, ultra-compact surface that is versatile, non-porous and hygienic; like Smartstone, porcelain is NSF approved.

The technical performance of porcelain and its innovative, sophisticated styles come together in Atlas Plan’s large format porcelain panels measuring 3240 x 1620mm. The greatest point of difference with quartz is its limitless applications, as porcelain is ideal for outdoor spaces, as well as interior uses, including benchtops, splashbacks, sinks, tables, bathroom vanities and vertical applications such as wall panels. The slimline slabs offer a modern look that it can be mitred to create deeper edge profiles or popular waterfall styles. This also allows seamless use across cabinet and drawer fronts, for a visually uniform result and continuity of line.

Take a look at the eight superb surfaces that Smartstone has carefully selected from Atlas Plan’s European range, tailored to Australian style and tastes. View the Porcelain Collection here.

The key point of difference is porcelain’s use in outdoor applications, as well as interiors.

Porcelain panels used in a bathroom and kitchen

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