January 20, 2023 | Products News Industry Insights

Engineered stone that’s a cut above

As you’ll tell from our Industry Insights video, Adrian Ferraro is loving Smartstone’s new Ibrido engineered stone surfaces. He and the team at Melbourne’s Multiform Stone Industries noted the ease of cutting it, its durability, the bookmatchable quality, the incredibly natural look of the surface pattern and its depth into the body of the surface. Ibrido is the first collection to incorporate Smartstone’s exclusive NewGen formulation comprising 56% recycled material and low silica (less than 28%) content. In 2023, all Smartstone surfaces will transition to this innovative low silica, more sustainable quartz formulation. “They are going to be the way of the future,” says Adrian.

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For the past 25 years, Multiform Stone Industries has become renowned as a trusted and reliable supplier and installer of stone products, as well as for stone design inspiration in many residential and commercial developments. Stonemasons such as Multiform are an integral part of Smartstone’s operations. Many people are unaware that Smartstone is a wholesaler, rather than a retailer. Smartstone sells its surfaces directly to stonemasons, who are accredited to cut and install the engineered stone surfaces. To ensure that Smartstone is safely fabricated and installed according to strict industry standards, contract an installer or stonemason directly or through a kitchen company, cabinet maker or joiner. Most architects, interior designers, kitchen companies, cabinet makers and joiners work with accredited stonemasons who can fabricate and install Smartstone surfaces.

Head to Stockists in Australia to help find a Smartstone installer through a kitchen company or cabinet maker. Call one of our local offices Contact Smartstone for a list of accredited stonemasons in your area.

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