About Smartstone

Welcome to Smartstone, where surfaces of beauty and durability meet qualities of sustainability and responsibility.

The Smartstone Story

Since 2002, Smartstone surfaces have been trusted by architects, interior designers, renovators, builders and developers for offering the highest standards of beauty, quality, durability and value.

Unrivalled surface collection.

Since 2002, Smartstone surfaces have been trusted by architects, interior designers, renovators, builders and developers for offering the highest standards of beauty, quality, durability and value. We are also proud to have environmental care and industry responsibility as key attributes of our unrivalled surface collection.

At the forefront of product innovation.

Consistently at the forefront of product innovation, Smartstone developed and released a low silica base formulation in 2018 to provide a more sustainable and responsible engineered surface choice for kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities in homes and countertops for commercial spaces.

Now and into the future.

In 2023, Smartstone began developing a new, government-compliant collection that matches and in some aspects surpasses the standards of the previous surface releases in terms of aesthetics, durability and over-all performance. The new Sintered Collection will be launched in Australia in March 2024.

The Smartstone Promise

We responsibly source and curate every surface to ensure that they meet – and exceed – meticulous global standards of quality, aesthetics and performance.

We guarantee that our natural-stone recreations offer the most precise veining and textures achievable in sintered surfaces.

We will always seek to make Smartstone products as affordable as possible, to provide genuine accessibility to beautiful, practical surfaces that will enhance everyday living, indoors and outdoors, for many years to come.

Environment and Sustainability

With our dedication to environmental care, we are constantly striving to take further steps toward greater sustainability.

We believe that sustainable practices are integral to the conduct and objectives of our business. We consciously deliver products with the intent to reduce or eliminate unnecessary waste and minimise our carbon footprint.

We work closely with our manufacturing facilities to ensure that environmental management systems (EMS) are in place and certified by relevant institutions such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). EMS include correct waste and efficient energy management, as well as efforts to reduce environmental impact. Made from 100% natural raw materials, Smartstone Sintered Collection is fully recyclable and can be re-manufactured by grinding and reprocessing unused and off-cuts to produce the same surface material. In larger, pre-rectified slab sizes, Smartstone surfaces are specifically designed to minimise wastage by reducing the number of slabs required and eliminating the need to trim the edges.

Health & Safety

Smartstone is committed to prioritising health and safety for those who work in the manufacture, handling, transportation, fabrication and installation of our product. Compliant with state and federal legislation, Smartstone sintered surfaces do not contain quartz or resin.

As an extra step, we require all the fabricators of our products to sign an agreement to adhere to all health and safety guidelines and procedures in accordance with state and federal legislations. We do not engage in business with those who refuse to honour this agreement.

Smartstone surfaces are stringently tested for durability, performance and food safety. They are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the largest global organisation in the inspection and certification sector of products and materials destined to come into contact with foodstuffs and drinking water.

As part of HVG group of companies, Smartstone is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethical behaviour, in our own business, in our supply chains and our industry relationships. We support and respect the protection of human rights and endeavour to ensure that Smartstone is not complicit in human rights abuses, including modern slavery. Our policies and practices in relation to procurement, human resources, and corporate responsibility, support this commitment.

Smartstone is also an active supporter One Foot Forward, an initiative of Black Dog Institute to help fund crucial mental health research and support services.

Quality and performance

As versatile as they are beautiful, Smartstone surfaces can be used in virtually any residential or commercial surfacing application, including kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, as well as bathroom vanities and bath surrounds due to their non-porous quality. Smartstone’s Sintered Collection is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

Smartstone surfaces are certified

Smartstone’s quality and performance is backed by solid credentials. Our surfaces have been tested by several respected industry bodies and environmental organisations to achieve the following certifications.

How to view Smartstone

Visit your nearest Smartstone showroom to view our surfaces in their big, beautiful glory, or take a stroll through our Sintered Collection virtual gallery.

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