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This resource page contains technical product information relevant to our trade customers. Resources and documents are available for downloading or upon request.

Essential documents

Sintered Collection

A 2-page document that contains features and benefits of the Smartstone Sintered Collection.

A complete overview of the Sintered Collection with imagery for inspiration.

The Sintered Collection surfaces categorised according to price.

Read our care and maintenance guide to ensure continued beauty and performance from your Smartstone Sintered Collection surface.

Smartstone has achieved local and global certifications relating to its premium quality and high performance.

Smartstone surfaces are covered by an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) issued by Risk Management Technologies using the ChemAlert global management system to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislative standards for health and safety.

It is essential for every stonemason or entity involved in cutting Smartstone surfaces to read the fabrication manual in full and sign an agreement adhering to all requirements and standards.

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