Sintered Collection

Edge profiles

Your choice of edge profile is a fine detail that will enhance the beauty of your stone benchtop, as well as your overall design and the architectural style of the space.


When choosing a stone benchtop edge profile, always consider your budget, desired aesthetic, functionality and intended location of the surface.

Find details on edge profiles in our Fabrication Manual, or discuss options with your stonemason or kitchen designer.

For the Sintered Collection, Smartstone recommends one of the following edge profiles.

Arris edge

For a simple, clean design, an arris edge profile is the best choice. It appears as a straight edge with the corners are slightly rounded to prevent injury.

Pencil round

Also known as pencil edge, the pencil round edge profile has a small, rounded section about the size of a pencil at the top, offering a linear design and no sharp corners or edges. With its rounded edge, the pencil round edge profile provides a safe option for homes with little children.

Shark nose

Round at the top and angled at the bottom, the shark nose edge profile creates a contemporary look for kitchen benchtops in modern homes, adding an extra touch of sophistication and usually matched with handleless cabinets. Because of its simple and thin profile, it is a widely used benchtop edge in commercial environments.

Mitred apron 45°

A popular option for waterfall edges, a mitred edge profile is achieved by having both slabs cut on a 45°angle and then joined, creating an almost seamless join at the corner of a kitchen benchtop. This profile is intended to beautifully showcase veins continuously flowing from the benchtop surface through the sides.

5x5mm shadow line

Another popular aesthetic, a shadow line is an edge profile design that exposes a small gap between the kitchen benchtop and above the cabinetry. As a result, it creates a line of a shadow and the illusion of a floating benchtop.

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