Sintered Collection

Through Body Veining

Through a highly advanced print technology, Smartstone Sintered Collection's natural looking veined patterns and colours are printed on the surface of the slab with exceptional accuracy.

Taking stone manufacturing to a new level of textural beauty and rich depth, the Sintered Collection surface aesthetic is met with a natural flowing vein in the body of the slab. This becomes an important consideration with designing kitchens with large kitchen islands and benchtops with exposed edges such as arris or pencil round.

With the Sintered Collection, natural stone authenticity goes beyond the surface with body veining that perfectly meets surface colour and pattern in the body of the base. The base of the slab is tinted with pigment to create a more natural colour that is consistent with the surface and veins, if present, when the material is cut.

For surfaces with no veins, the “biscuit” or the body of the slab matches the dominant colour of the slab surface.

This means that the vein design as well as the colour of the surface will match and be consistent through the entire body of the slab when it is cut.

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