Smartstone Certifications

Smartstone surfaces are tested to stringent local and international standards for performance, health, safety and environmental care.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) – Food Equipment Materials

NSF is the largest global organisation in the inspection and certification sector of products and materials destined to come into contact with foodstuffs and drinking water. A synonym of public health, the seal of quality of NSF is globally recognized for the high standard of quality of the approved products and increases customer confidence when purchasing the product.

The NSF/ANSI 51 standard is specifically applicable to materials and coatings used in the manufacturing of objects destined for contact with foodstuffs, whether solid or liquid. The objects or materials certified standard NSF 51 must comply with strict criteria concerning analysis and guarantee of the requirements of the purity of substances used for its manufacture.

Greenguard Certification

The Greenguard Certification program provides assurance that products designed for use in indoor spaces meet strict chemical emissions limits, which contribute to healthier interiors. Greenguard certified products have very low chemical and particle emissions.

Smartstone sintereed surfaces are also Greenguard Gold certified. Formerly known as Greenguard Children & Schools Certification, Greenguard Gold offers stricter criteria and considers the safety factors to account for sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly. This certification ensures that a product is acceptable for use in schools and healthcare facilities.

Safety Data Sheet

The Smartstone Collection is covered by an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) issued by Risk Management Technologies using the ChemAlert global management system to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislative standards for health and safety. Risk Management Technologies is an internationally recognised risk management technology provider that writes and maintains Safety Data Sheets for over 600 national and international chemical manufacturers.

An SDS contains information about the material’s composition as well as its physical and chemical properties and outlines procedures for safe handling, storage, transport, and disposal. To request a copy, contact your account manager or customer service.

Durability and performance testing

Smartstone surfaces are independently tested by Australia’s TestSafe, a NATA-accredited evaluation company that specialises in testing for performance, durability and quality assurance. Surfaces are tested for resistance to heat, stains, household chemicals, as well as acids and alkalis. The non-porous quality of Smartstone surfaces delivers low moisture absorption and stain resistance, making them ideal for kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, and wet areas such as bathroom vanities and bath surrounds. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, which ranks materials from 1-10 to determine scratch resistance and durability, Smartstone Sintered Collection rated 7. For context, diamonds, the world’s hardest mineral, are ranked 10. This result assures the extreme durability, and high resistance to chipping and scratching, of all surfaces under the Smartstone brandmark.