Porcelain, reimagined.

Sintered Collection

If you’re looking for a stone-style surface that’s as refined as it is hardwearing, you’re in the right place. Within Smartstone’s Sintered Collection, there’s a surface for every project and personal taste, and to suit diverse architectural styles and budgets.

What is the Sintered Collection?

The Sintered Collection is Smartstone’s new surface range that elevates the qualities of traditional porcelain to an entirely new level.

How? By delivering superior durability, advanced manufacturing capabilities and enhanced natural-stone aesthetics.

The Smartstone Sintered Collection is created using a ‘sintering’ process which replicates millions of years of the earth’s metamorphic processes by combining advanced technology with natural fusion techniques. Intense heat and immense pressure (30,000 tons) bind natural minerals to create an ultra-compact, extra-durable material that delivers exceptional performance, during both the fabrication and installation stages.

Exceptional performance. Indoors and out.

With its next-level durability, the Sintered Collection extends renowned Smartstone beauty to both indoor and outdoor applications. UV stability, and fire- and weather-proof properties make our surfaces at home in any setting under the Australian sun.

Natural stone style. Sophisticated aesthetic.

This Smartstone surface range is tailored to Australian tastes with European flavour. Surfaces come in either a Matt or Suede finish and a choice of edge profiles. Three price points include Pure, the most affordable, through to Classic and Deluxe ranges.

Trusted quality. Affordable luxury.

The Sintered Collection maintains the many trusted qualities and values for which Smartstone has been renowned since 2002. The new range continues Smartstone affordability, to make the luxury of living with stone surfaces a more accessible and viable option.

The Smartstone Sintered Collection difference

The Sintered Collection offers a comprehensive benchtop solution, combining technology, quality, value, guaranteed supply, aesthetic precision, performance and compliance. The Smartstone Sintered Collection is excluded from the definition of ‘engineered stone’ under WorkSafe guidelines, making it fully compliant with Commonwealth government legislation.

Unlike engineered stone, Smartstone sintered surface is a 100% natural material which contains no metal compounds or resins as binders.

With 100% UV stability and zero porosity, the versatile Sintered Collection can be used for endless applications for Australian interiors and the great outdoors.

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Bring your design vision to life.

Come in and take a look around to discover Smartstone’s many features and benefits.

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How to buy Smartstone

A step-by-step guide for home renovators.

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Renovation inspiration

Take a look behind the doors of a stunning home renovation featuring Smartstone’s Statuario Grigio.

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Through-body veining

The Sintered Collection takes surfaces to a new level of textural beauty and rich depth.

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Two versatile surface finishes

Sintered Collection surfaces come in two versatile finishes – Matt or Suede, which complement diverse materials, from raw to refined.

How to view Smartstone

Visit your nearest Smartstone showroom to view our surfaces in their big, beautiful glory, or take a stroll through our Sintered Collection virtual gallery.