Atlas Plan

The Atlas Plan range will continue to be available through Smartstone.

In addition to Smartstone-Atlas Plan surface range, the new Sintered Collection is available from March, 2024. This innovative surface solution continues Smartstone’s 21 years of leadership in stone benchtop aesthetics, performance and capabilities, providing an optimal alternative to engineered stone.

The Sintered Collection is made using a "sintering" process similar to traditional porcelain products and offers a comparable refined aesthetic and exceptional performance. Smartstone’s Sintered Collection is fully compliant with Australian government regulations.

Below are Smartstone-Atlas Plan surfaces offered by Smartstone. Stock levels are currently low and we recommend contact with our customer service team to check availability.

Atlas Plan porcelain

Absolute Black

Availability: Limited

Basaltina Volcano

Availability: No stock

Boost Smoke

Availability: In stock

Calacatta Extra

Availability: Limited

Calacatta Prestigio

Availability: Limited

Grey Stone

Availability: Limited

Nero Macquina

Availability: Limited

Statuario Supremo

Availability: Limited

White Cloud

Availability: Limited

Sintered Collection

Porcelain, reimagined

Discover our comprehensive benchtop solution, combining technology, quality, value, guaranteed supply, aesthetic precision, performance and compliance.

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