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Sintered Collection

The Sintered Collection is Smartstone’s new surface range that elevates the qualities of traditional porcelain to an entirely new level by delivering superior durability, advanced manufacturing capabilities and enhanced natural-stone aesthetics.

The Sintered Collection offers a comprehensive benchtop solution that is fully compliant with Commonwealth government legislation. This surface range elevates the qualities of traditional porcelain surfaces by combining technology, quality, value, guaranteed supply, aesthetic precision, performance and compliance.

Unlike engineered stone, Smartstone Sintered Collection is a 100% natural material which contains no metal compounds or resins as binders. The Sintered Collection is excluded from the definition of ‘engineered stone’ under WorkSafe guidelines.

With 100% UV stability and zero porosity, the ultra-compact, extra durable Sintered Collection can be used for endless applications in Australian interiors and exteriors.

The Sintered Collection consists of 24 sintered stone surfaces. Sintered stone is created using a ‘sintering’ process, which combines advanced technology with natural fusion techniques.

The Sintered Collection is available from March 2024.

Smartstone sintered surfaces sit in one of three colour-coded price points, from Pure, the most affordable range, to Classic and Deluxe. Pricing is determined by the complexity of each stone’s manufacture; every surface is of equal, premium quality.

The Sintered Collection offers a more cost-effective option than natural stone and engineered stone surfaces.

As a wholesaler, Smartstone sells directly to stonemasons who incorporate fabrication and installation in the final cost. It’s important to know that Smartstone price ranges provide an initial guide only and exact costings will be provided by your stonemason, kitchen retailer, designer, architect, or specifier. Indicative pricing is available for developers and commercial projects.

As a wholesaler, Smartstone sells its products directly to stonemasons. To purchase, contact your kitchen company or stonemason. Take a look at our step-by-step How to buy guide for more information.

The Sintered Collection is available nationwide and will soon be on display at Smartstone showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane/Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth as well as in selected kitchen showrooms. You can also view the Sintered Collection by taking a tour of our virtual gallery.

Sintered Collection


No. Smartstone’s Sintered Collection offers superior durability for both interior and exterior applications. Sintered Collection uses advanced print technology to deliver precise recreations of prized natural stone styles unlike traditional quartz surfaces which are primarily made using aggregate of varying sizes. Therefore while some patterns may be similar there are no direct substitutes for the previous quartz collections.

The new collection will come in the same jumbo slab size and come with a 15-year Limited Warranty. Like all our products, surfaces in the new Smartstone range are tested for durability and non-porous properties, as well as resistance to staining, chipping, heat, chemicals and scratching. All surfaces are also certified food safe by NSF/ANSI Std. 51 (National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials).

Yes, Smartstone Sintered Collection are ultra-compact and extra-durable. Surface performance has been independently tested by Australia’s Stone Initiatives, a NATA-accredited evaluation company that specialises in testing for performance, durability and quality assurance. The surfaces are certified resistant to stain, chip, etch, thermal shock, frost, chemicals, mould and mildew.

Due to the slab thickness of 20mm, Smartstone surfaces are more durable and easier for fabrication experts to handle without breakage. On the Mohs scale of hardness, Sintered Collection surfaces are ranked at 7 (diamond, the world’s hardest mineral, is 10 on the scale).

Smartstone sintered stone is made with natural raw materials without any harmful substances. Therefore, acidic and alkaline substances will not affect or damage the surface.

Yes. Smartstone sintered surfaces are certified food-safe by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the largest global organisation in the inspection and certification sector of products and materials destined to come into contact with foodstuffs and drinking water. This means that these surfaces are safe to use in kitchens and any food preparation area. Sintered Collection surfaces are certified as resistant to staining, chipping, etching, thermal shock, frost, chemicals, mould and mildew,

The raw materials used in Smartstone sintered stone surfaces are natural, sintered at high temperatures without any harmful ingredients used. Because of these properties, sintered stone is the material of choice for many chefs' kitchen benchtops. The slabs are also fireproof, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor kitchen applications and barbecue areas.

The UV-stable Sintered Collection can be used in endless indoor-outdoor applications including benchtops, bathroom vanities, shower enclosure, fireplaces, walls and furniture. Non-porous and with almost zero absorption level, Smartstone sintered surfaces are ideal for benchtops in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas, offering superior durability and resistance to scratches, heat, and staining.

Yes. Smartstone sintered surfaces are UV stable and weatherproof for outdoor usage.

Yes. Smartstone sintered surfaces are fireproof and non-combustible, making them suitable for indoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens and barbeque areas. The surfaces are non-combustible, which means they do not burn or ignite when subjected to expected levels of fire or heat and are able to withstand high heat such as torching and open flames.

Yes, Smartstone sintered surfaces are very easy to maintain. Simply remove and wipe off any food particles with a soft cloth or sponge. To keep the benchtop in pristine condition, regularly clean with water and detergent. Smartstone sintered stone is made with natural raw materials without any harmful substances so the acidic and alkaline substances will not affect or damage the surface.

Yes. Smartstone offers a 15-year Limited Warranty on its surfaces. This Warranty is claimed through the stonemason who will communicate with Smartstone about the specific details and circumstances.

Sintered Collection

Manufacture, Composition, Fabrication

Unlike engineered stone, Smartstone sintered stone is a 100% natural material which contains no metal compounds or resins as binders.

With 100% UV stability and zero porosity, the versatile Sintered Collection can be used for endless applications for Australian interiors and the great outdoors.

The Smartstone Sintered Collection is composed of a combination of 100% natural raw materials. These include clay, feldspar, talc, and cornish stone to produce a highly durable surface material for indoor and outdoor use. The Smartstone Sintered Collection Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.

Innovative Smartstone Sintered Collection is created using a ‘sintering’ process which replicates millions of years of the earth’s metamorphic processes by combining advanced technology with natural fusion techniques. Intense heat and immense pressure (30,000 tons) bind natural minerals to create an ultra-compact, extra-durable material that delivers exceptional performance, during both the fabrication and installation stages.

Yes. The manufacturing facility for Smartstone Sintered Collection is ISO 14001 certified. ISO 14001 is an international standard that outlines the requirements for having an environmental management system in place. It is designed to help businesses remain commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities and impacts. It helps improve environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste, gaining a competitive advantage and the trust of stakeholders. Excess, damaged or waste materials at the facility are reused, added, and reprocessed as raw materials to produce new surfaces. In addition to a certified environmental management system, the facility also conforms with ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system standards.

Yes. Smartstone Sintered Collection features through body veining which means the colour and pattern are produced throughout the thickness of the slab. Non-veined surfaces all feature same-colour biscuit which means when cut, the body of the slab reflects a similar colour throughout.

All Smartstone slabs come with a 20mm thickness, which is recommended for kitchen benchtops to eliminate the need for a substrate and allow a sturdier and stronger benchtop. This thickness provides strength integrity and minimises breakage during handling, transport, fabrication, and installation.

All surfaces come in Smartstone’s jumbo slab size of 3200mm x 1600mm with a 20mm thickness. A large slab is an economical surface option as it allows more design flexibility, minimum joins, and increased slab optimisation.

Yes. A distinct environmental feature of the Sintered Collection is the disposition at the end of its life. Unlike materials with resin content, these Smartstone surfaces are made from 100% raw natural materials which can be disposed of like any other natural material. Manufacturing facilities can grind the material back into a powdered form and then to sludge for re-manufacturing. In addition, Smartstone sintered surfaces are more sustainable. They last longer than engineered surfaces, giving them an extended life cycle to minimise the need for replacement.