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Surface adhesives

Smartstone offers a range of perfectly colour-matched adhesives to help achieve seamless joinery on your Smartstone benchtop, maintaining its natural stone-like beauty.

Developed for aesthetic joinery

In addition to the recommended edge profile, the quality of the joinery is key to keeping the beauty of natural stone and stone-like surfaces intact.

Joinery refers to how the surface pieces are connected or 'joined' to each other using adhesives that are not only high-quality but also provide seamless joins. Unless your kitchen design only requires a straight singular bench, joinery is required for most benchtops.

Smartstone offers a range of colour-matched adhesives that gives benchtop installations a flawless, professional look while ensuring maximum bond strength.

Smartstone adhesives come in a 250ml tubes, together with two dispensing nozzles.

Extra nozzles are available to ensure that you are able to use all the contents of each tube.

Dispensers are also available for purchase if required.

Perfect colour-match

To ensure that joins do not interrupt the overall aesthetics of the surface design, Smartstone developed a range of adhesives that accurately matches the 'biscuit' or body of each surface. Smartstone adhesives are designed to help you achieve precise and aesthetically seamless fabrication as well as repairs. Refer to codes below.

Arabescato Chiaro - ADH68

Arabescato Corchia - ADH69

Bellini Bianco - ADH66

Bianco Angelico - ADH68

Bianco Puro - ADH51

Calacatta Viola - ADH67

Calacatta Bianco - ADH61

Calacatta Borghini - ADH69

Calacatta Lusso - ADH57

Calacatta Oro - ADH59

Calacatta Verde - ADH60

Cemento Bianco - ADH65

Concreto Grigio - ADH55

Crema Naturale - ADH54

Grafite Titanio - ADH58

Grigio Caldo - ADH50

Grigio Solido - ADH64

Nero Puro - ADH53

Pietra Scuro - ADH52

Statuario Grigio - ADH62

Super White - ADH63

Volakas Gold - ADH56

Characteristics of Smartstone adhesives

Ingredient: Methyl methacrylate, Modification of Synthetic Resin

Working time: 24°C: 8-10 mins

Fixture time: 24°C: 18-22 mins

Shelf Life: 10°C - 18°C: 24 months

Viscosity: CPS 24°C:A(20000-24000CPS), B(3000-5000CPS)

Mix Ratio: (Weight & Volume): A:B = 10:1

Mixed Specific Gravity: 24°C: 1.02

Operation Temperature: 24°C and above is recommended for best result

Bond Strength: Three point anti-crack test:35.8Mpa

Temperature tolerance: (after Bond): -55°C - 185°C

Product Certifications: SGS-ROHS, REACH, NSF

Quality Assurance: ISO9001/2008

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Recommended edge profiles

Your choice of edge profile is a fine detail that will enhance the beauty of your stone benchtop, as well as your overall design and the architectural style of the space.

Please consult your kitchen cabinetmaker or stonemason for best results.

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To fully appreciate the beauty of Smartstone surfaces, you need to experience them for yourself.