Sintered Collection

Book matching

With this striking design feature, key visual elements such as veins are matched from slab to slab to create a seamless surface aesthetic.

Book matching is available on the five sintered stone surfaces below. Their strong, dynamic veining makes them perfectly suited to book matching.

Choose your direction

These five Smartstone surfaces are available in both left and right versions that can be joined to result in a continuous flow of veins across the two slabs.

Popular applications

Book matching is frequently used where slab edges meet, such as waterfall edges and for long benchtops, splashbacks, or wall panels where multiple slabs are required.

Identical, precise veining

Identical slabs offer greater efficiency in book matching and in your overall design planning. Natural looking veins and colours are printed on the surface with exceptional accuracy.

Calacatta Bianco

Calacatta Borghini

Calacatta Lusso

Calacatta Oro

Statuario Grigio

How to view Smartstone

Visit your nearest Smartstone showroom to view our surfaces in their big, beautiful glory, or take a stroll through our Sintered Collection virtual gallery.