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How to buy Smartstone

A step-by-step guide for home renovators.


Choosing surfaces is one of the most important decisions to make when renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Style, colour and durability are all characteristics to consider in order to find the right surface, one you’ll love to live with for years to come. Inspired by the beauty of nature, Smartstone offers a wide range of highly durable quartz, porcelain and hybrid engineered surfaces for you to choose from.

For new home builds and professionally outsourced renovations, benchtops are usually included in the package, so be sure to specify Smartstone to your builder, architect, or interior designer. However, if you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom yourself, you’ll need a little more information to guide your Smartstone purchase. Here are 3 steps for you to follow:

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Step 1 – Measure your space to establish slab requirements


Once you’ve chosen your beautiful future surface, the application area needs to be measured with precision to determine how many slabs will be required. Your design, layout and choice of profile edge will determine the number of slabs you will need and how the slab will be cut and fabricated for a seamless installation.

When measuring, you’ll need to take into consideration factors such as your choice of edge profile, kitchen and home layout, structural elements, access to space and angles. Because it’s essential to get this exactly right to prevent costly errors, we recommend that you have a fabricator or installer (stonemason) measure up your space.

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Step 2 – Find an accredited fabricator/installer


It’s important to know that Smartstone is a wholesaler and only sells surfaces directly to stonemasons who are accredited to buy Smartstone and then cut and install stone surfaces. Therefore, you’ll need to contract an installer or stonemason directly or through a kitchen company, cabinet maker or joiner to ensure that your Smartstone is safely fabricated and installed according to strict industry standards. Most architects, interior designers, kitchen companies, homebuilders, cabinet makers and joiners work with accredited stonemasons who can fabricate and install Smartstone. Our stockists page Stockists in Australia lists  kitchen companies or cabinetmakers who can help you find a Smartstone installer. To find a stonemason in your area, call one of our local offices Contact Smartstone.

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The quote for the price of your surface will come from the installer or stonemason who are authorised to buy Smartstone. Being a wholesaler, Smartstone does not provide exact costings but can give you an indication of cost through our pricing categories: Essentials, Premium, Premium Plus, Luxury, Exclusive, Ibrido and Porcelain.

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Step 3 – Inspect. Install. Enjoy!


On installation day when the slabs arrive at your home, it’s important to first thoroughly inspect the surface in the highly unlikely event that there have been defects, damage or discolouration during transport or fabrication. Raise any issues with your stonemason prior to installation to ensure that you are 100 per cent happy with your new surface. Once installed, you’re all set to enjoy the practical benefits and beauty that Smartstone will bring to your everyday life.

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Request Smartstone samples through the form below, or visit a showroom in your area to appreciate the beauty and quality of our surfaces in person. Viewing our products in a larger slab format will help you visualise how they will look in your home. Find your nearest showroom here Contact Smartstone

If you would like to request samples of our product, click on the links below:

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