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Under the surface: what is hybrid print technology?

The recent release of Ibrido surfaces marks a new era in engineered stone. With innovation and integrity at the core of Ibrido composite surfaces, each stone in the collection upholds the quality and feel of natural stone while also setting the standard for more sustainably produced surfaces. How? Through hybrid printing technology.

What is hybrid technology?

Each Ibrido surface has been created using Smartstone’s exclusive hybrid print technology. During this process natural stone designs are printed in precise, high-definition quality on the surface of composite slabs, using robotic technology that has been engineered in Europe. This highly advanced printing method allows for accurate replication of natural stones that can be copied across slabs and samples.

Natural body veining flows through the surface of the slab to create a very close replica of genuine stone. This printing technique extends to our complete Ibrido range of engineered stones, where natural looking veined patterns and colours are printed on the surface of slabs with exceptional accuracy. To ensure the stone has the most realistic appearance possible, the slab’s base is also tinted with pigment to create a more natural colour that is consistent with the surface vein when the material is cut.

A next-gen method that doesn’t compromise quality

In this method of stone printing, surface quality is not compromised. Our aim is to replicate the beauty of natural stone with a harder quartz composite surface that offers superior durability against heat, scratches, stains, chips, as well as mould and mildew. The result is a range of hard-wearing surfaces that are ideal for residential and commercial spaces.

Quality stone surfaces, but better

Combined with Smartstone’s NewGen low silica slab formulation, the hybrid printing technology is unique to Smartstone and comes with a host of benefits. Foremost, the technology allows for the use of more sustainable slabs made from one of the most abundant minerals on earth and recycled materials. For consumers, it delivers a lower price point compared to 100% stone counterparts, which means you can achieve a quality, natural stone look for less.

Maintaining an engineered stone surface is easy too. Because Smartstone surfaces are non-porous, no sealing is required post-install. And cleaning the stone is simple – simply wipe with a soft cloth, warm water and pH neutral, non-toxic product such as quartz clean.

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