March 4, 2024 | Insights

Handles the heat

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Enjoy the beauty and luxury of natural stone with the benefits of Smartstone’s heat resistance and resilience.

Not only is the Smartstone Sintered Collection UV stable and weatherproof, it’s also highly resistant to stains, chemicals, chips, scratches, mould and bacteria – and heat.

The hardwearing performance of Smartstone porcelain makes it an incredibly practical choice for indoor and outdoor cooking applications. Because the surface is able to endure intense temperatures, you can place a hot pot directly on your kitchen benchtop without the need for a protective board or trivet or fear of the surface cracking or burning.

This range is also ideal for PITT cooking, in which burners are seamlessly integrated into the stone benchtop surface. This striking design trend originated in the Netherland and is now in demand in indoor and outdoor kitchens throughout the world.

With its fireproof properties, sintered stone is a perfect material to create the most beautiful and functional fireplaces and surrounds, for both interiors and exteriors. Sintered stone is also ideal for barbecues, as well as any application under the Australian sun.

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