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Nero Puro

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A sleek, rich black. Nero Puro is a striking surface that brings a sophisticated edge to diverse spaces from contemporary to classic, indoors and outside.

Smartstone’s Sintered Collection is an exceptional surface range for kitchen benchtops and endless indoor and outdoor applications. An innovative alternative to marble benchtops and engineered stone, Smartstone sintered surface is a 100% natural material which is formed by heat and contains no metal compounds or resins as binders.

Sintered Collection benchtop surfaces combine advanced manufacturing technology with natural fusion techniques to create an ultra-compact surface with a sophisticated aesthetic.

Slab size  3200mm x 1600mm
Slab thickness  20mm
Price range  Pure
Slab weight  248kg
Product type  Sintered
Surface finish  Suede
Product use  Indoor-outdoor

Click link below to see a full slab image of this product.

Edge profiles enhance the beauty of the surface and its application. Know what our recommended edge profiles are for the Sintered Collection.

You can request samples through the order form or My Favourites on the menu. Please note that samples are thinner than the actual 20mm slab thickness and do not display the Sintered Collection’s through-body veining.

Smartstone website images show the exact patterns and designs of our sintered stone slabs. However, slight variations on the base colour may occur as each slab contains a blend of raw, natural materials. Colour tones may also vary depending on the device on which they are viewed. For the most accurate representation, we recommend that you use as reference the latest Smartstone samples or visit a showroom near you. Nero Puro is on display in all Smartstone showrooms or alternatively, explore our virtual gallery.

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More information on the Sintered Collection

Edge profiles

When choosing a benchtop edge profile, always consider budget, aesthetic, functionality as well as the quality and performance of the surface material.

Jumbo slab size

Smartstone sintered surfaces come in a slab size of 3200mm x 1600mm with a 20mm thickness. Large slabs mean more cost savings during fabrication.

How to buy

If you are renovating a kitchen or bathroom yourself, you’ll need more information to guide your Smartstone purchase. Here are the steps for you to follow.