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smart facts – warranty and care

Smartstone surfaces are designed to offer high performance
with low maintenance, and being non-porous. It will never need
sealing or waxing. Only a little commonsense is needed to care
for your Smartstone surface.

CARE AND maintenance GUIDE

Smartstone surfaces are certified

All Smartstone surfaces carry a 15-year limited warranty.
For full details on the warranty please refer to our warranty brochure.


Smartstone NewGen


Smartstone is Australia’s leading supplier of engineered stone surfaces. Our latest range of 38 colours is the culmination of more than 20 years of product development and innovation.

A meeting with work health and safety State Ministers this week marked key developments in the future direction of engineered stone surfaces. Since 2018, Smartstone has been working on the development, manufacture and testing of our low silica product range and has made significant progress for a full transition of stock to a low silica formulation.

From November 2022, Smartstone surfaces have been manufactured from our unique new formulation called Smartstone NewGen, a low silica, 56% recycled engineered stone. By offering this new formulation, Smartstone delivers a more sustainable and responsible choice in engineered surfaces.

NewGen surfaces comprise under 28% silica content, with the exception of two surfaces under 38%.

Smartstone NewGen was first implemented as the base formulation for the Ibrido collection, featuring hybrid print technology on an engineered base, released in 2022. This means the NewGen formulation will have transitioned to all Smartstone ranges by June 2023, with 29 colours already available nationally.

Smartstone’s trusted quality now includes an increased recycled content of glass and minerals that continue to ensure high performance and durability while also offering global environmental accreditations including NSF, Greenguard and Greenguard GOLD.

Smartstone will continue to supply every slab to stonemasons with the relevant warnings, and health and safety information prior to fabrication and installation. We will continue to provide a comprehensive fabrication manual, and Safety Data Sheets are available on request. As part of our focus on fabricator education, we have engaged closely with government through our participation in state-based taskforces in NSW, Queensland and Victoria and the National Dust Disease Taskforce. Smartstone supports greater industry regulation and national licensing of manufacturers.

Smartstone’s stamp of authenticity appears on every low silica slab and throughout Smartstone marketing, representing our commitment to providing silica testing information that has been tested and certified in Australia.


Product, application, fabrication

  • Q. What is Smartstone made of?

    Smartstone is a surface material composed of up to 56% recycled materials, including a maximum of 38% quartz (the majority of slabs contain much less), resins used as a binding agent and pigments. Smartstone’s veined surfaces are manufactured using advanced technology to create the most natural looking surfaces available in engineered stone. Setting new industry standards in product responsibility, Smartstone introduced Ibrido new generation surfaces in 2022, to deliver a low silica formulation (less than 28%) made from 56% recycled content.

  • Q. How durable is Smartstone?

    Smartstone recreates the beauty of natural stone but with superior durability. Our recycled, low silica formulation offers numerous practical benefits including resistance to heat, scratching and chipping, stains, chemicals and mildew. Unlike natural marble, Smartstone is non-porous and does not require sealing.

  • Q. Do installed Smartstone surfaces pose any risk to consumers?

    No. Both traditional Smartstone and NewGen surfaces are completely safe in their installed state.

  • Q. Can Smartstone be used in food preparation areas?

    Yes. Smartstone is virtually non-porous and perfectly suited for residential and commercial kitchen areas and food preparation areas. Smartstone is compliant with the International Health and Safety Foundation sanitary standard NSF51 that guarantees that its quartz-based surfaces are safe for use in all food environments.

  • Q. What edge profile can I have on my Smartstone benchtop?

    Smartstone can be fabricated with any edge profile but square edges are not recommended as they are most prone to damage from chipping. The most common type is the pencil or bevelled edge. All polished edges should have a minimum radius of 4-5mm as the greater the surface area of the edge; the more resistant the edge will be to chipping. The Smartstone Warranty does not cover damage to polished edges through wear-and-tear or negligence. To achieve the best possible finish, Smartstone recommends a mitred edge for the honed surfaces. Because of its unique formulation, the new Ibrido Collection has its own recommended edge profiles and fabrication techniques.

  • Q. Where in my home can Smartstone be applied?

    Smartstone is ideal for kitchen bench tops, splashbacks, bathroom vanity tops, bath and shower surrounds, custom furniture applications and almost any internal bench top application. Smartstone is also widely used in commercial applications.

  • Q. Can Smartstone be used outdoors?

    Smartstone is not recommended for external use. Outdoor applications of Smartstone are not covered by Smartstone’s 15-year Limited Warranty.

  • Q. What makes Smartstone’s colours so unique?

    Smartstone’s collections offer an exceptional purity and consistency of colour and pattern that can’t be found elsewhere. And all colours in our range are exclusive to Smartstone. Every surface product has been sourced from leading manufacturers internationally to offer the most beautiful and versatile colour collection available.

  • Q. Is Smartstone stain resistant?

    Yes, Smartstone is extremely resistant to staining. We’ve tested coffee, tea, fruit juices, liquid food colouring, Coca-Cola, red wine and olive oil and these substances did not leave stains on Smartstone. (Testing performed by Stone Initiatives)

Purchase, view and price

  • Q. How do I purchase Smartstone?

    Smartstone is purchased through a stone mason either directly or via your designer or specifier.

  • Q. How do I view a Smartstone display and colour range?

    Smartstone has an extensive national distribution network through kitchen manufacturers, cabinet makers, stone masons, designers, architects and builders. Our innovative range of quartz, porcelain and hybrid (Ibrido) surfaces in full slab format can be viewed at the Smartstone Viewing Gallery in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. To find your nearest Smartstone display or stockist, please refer to the stockist list on this website or call Smartstone customer service on 1300 888 607.

  • Q. Is Smartstone expensive?

    No, it’s very affordable. And there is a Smartstone colour to suit every interior style and budget. Smartstone offers six price ranges for quartz - the Essentials Range, Premium Range, Premium Plus Price Range, Luxury Range, Exclusive Range and Ibrido Range. Part of the beauty of Smartstone is that it gives you flexibility and choice when selecting the bench top that suits you. Porcelain has its own price range.

Care & maintenance

  • Q. Is Smartstone resistant to heat?

    Yes, Smartstone is heat resistant and not affected by temperatures lower than 180C. Like all stone material, Smartstone can be damaged by sudden and rapid heat changes (this is called thermal shock) so we always recommend that hot pots and pans never be placed directly on a Smartstone surface but onto a heat trivet or chopping board. Placing hot pots or pans on your benchtop can also cause your benchtop to scorch due to the resin content.

  • Q. Does Smartstone require sealing?

    No, Smartstone is non-porous and no sealing or waxing is required.

  • Q. How do I take care of my Smartstone surface?

    Smartstone requires minimal maintenance. To keep it clean, simply wipe it with a soft cloth, warm water and any pH neutral liquid detergent. See the CARE AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE on this website for more information.

  • Q. Does Smartstone come with a Warranty?
    Yes, Smartstone comes with a 15-year Limited Warranty which you can access on this website. All Smartstone surfaces are suitable for internal applications only and external usage is not covered under the Smartstone Warranty.