March 28, 2024 | Insights

Discover an exceptional new stone benchtop alternative: Smartstone's Sintered Collection

As you may be aware, the Australian government has prohibited the supply and manufacture of engineered stone surfaces after June 30 this year. While installed engineered stone is a completely safe material, the health risks associated with exposure to silica dust during fabrication have resulted in this decision. But in welcome news for stonemasons and consumers alike, Smartstone has pivoted with the recent release of a viable engineered stone alternative: the Sintered Collection. This comprehensive, government-approved surface solution continues Smartstone’s 21-years of innovation as a leading distributor of stone-inspired surfaces. 

New stone alternative

The new Sintered Collection elevates traditional porcelain surfaces to an entirely new level of aesthetics and performance – while, of course, being fully compliant with new government legislation. The Sintered Collection differs from engineered stone in its manufacture and composition, using a ‘sintering’ process that comprises only natural raw materials and uses no resins or adhesives. Sintering combines advanced stone manufacturing technology with natural fusion techniques to create an ultra-compact, non-porous stone surface with a refined aesthetic.

Hardwearing performance. Indoors and out.

The new Smartstone Sintered Collection is an extremely durable surface material. It impervious to stains, chips, scratches, household chemicals and extreme heat which makes it a great choice for fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and barbecues. Unlike engineered stone, the sintered surfaces’ UV-stability and weather-proof capabilities extend its usage to the great outdoors, as well as interiors. This amps up its versatility for use in a vast array of applications, from benchtops and bathroom vanities, to fireplaces, walls and furniture.

Natural stone style. Sophisticated aesthetic.

With the Sintered Collection, natural stone surfaces are recreated with porcelain’s ability to precisely replicate any stone style, from marble and granite to concrete. Advanced print technology extends beneath the surface to the colour-matched body biscuit. Veined surfaces in the range feature through-body veining for next-level authenticity. Sintered Collection surfaces come in either Matt or Suede finishes and a choice of edge profiles. 

Trusted quality. Affordable luxury.

While the Sintered Collection represents an exciting product evolution beyond its previous engineered surface collection, the new range maintains the many trusted qualities for which Smartstone has long been renowned. It continues Smartstone affordability, with the Collection housed in three price points, from Pure through to Classic and Deluxe. Smartstone’s large slabs (3200mm x 1600mm x 20mm) deliver economy while enhancing design freedom. Commitment to environmental care continues with the Collection’s sustainability and an eco-friendly and energy-efficient production process.

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