• Smartstone Ibrido Statuario Grigio

    new ibrido low silica quartz benchtops

    Get to know Ibrido, where seven magnificent veined stones come to life with aesthetic precision and absolute consistency in low silica quartz benchtops. Arrange an Ibrido viewing
  • Smartstone QUARTZ

    beautiful, durable smartstone surfaces

    Experience engineered quartz with a leading edge. View Smartstone’s 34 surfaces by collection and price categories. Request a sample
  • Smartstone PORCELAIN

    sophisticated, hardwearing porcelain

    Discover porcelain’s refined aesthetic and technical performance in marble and natural stone replications for Australian interiors and exteriors. View the porcelain collection

product collections

ibrido collection

Take a first look at the new Ibrido range, where the beauty of seven natural stones comes to life in engineered stone with aesthetic precision, richness and depth, as well as the absolute consistency of Smartstone’s exclusive hybrid print technology

santorini collection

In no other destination in the world will you see white as bright as on the Greek island of Santorini with its idyllic whitewashed houses. And in no other surface range will you find equally sublime whites than in Smartstone’s Santorini Collection.

toledo collection

With its ancient castle, stone walls and cobbled streets, the Spanish citadel of Toledo is an enchanting place. Its earthy-creamy palette was the inspiration behind the Smartstone Toledo Collection, the most beautiful range of neutral surfaces available.

paris collection

This Smartstone Collection aptly takes its inspiration from a city renowned for its sophistication and style. Its colours evoke facets of Parisian life, from stylish street scenes to elegant parks, and from café colours to the decor in grand French family homes.

milan collection

Famously on the cutting edge of design and fashion, the Italian city of Milan lends its name to this stunning, directional Smartstone Collection. Like Milan itself, the collection is bold and modern, offering surfaces in shades that exude Euro-chic designer style.

special editions

porcelain collection

Take a look at the eleven superb surfaces that Smartstone has carefully selected from Atlas Plan’s European range to offer a porcelain collection tailored to Australian style and tastes. Atlas Plan is renowned throughout the world for its surfaces that perfectly reproduce the colours and textures of marble, natural stone and some of the world’s most innovative designer materials.