Calacatta Blanco

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Pricing & Quality

With Smartstone, enjoying the luxurious look of stone surfaces no longer comes at a prestige price. A simple cost structure will help you select the best Smartstone to suit your budget. Our four price points, are based on the composition and pattern of the surface and are not a reflection of the range’s quality.

  • essentials Beautiful, affordable and all larger slabs measuring 3200mm x 1600mm.
  • premium A collection of premium surfaces, offering refined grains and natural looking patterns.
  • luxury Some of the world’s most luxurious stone surfaces, including our superb veined collection.
  • exclusive Innovative surfaces that beautifully replicate natural stone with their distinctive veining on a luminous white background.

This surface features brown-grey veining on a luminous white background accented with gold highlights.

Slab size 3050 x 1600 x 20
Slab thickness 20mm
Slab weight 244kg
Surface finish Polished
Left and right versions available

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