March 8, 2023 | Products

Smartstone NewGen – it’s what’s inside that counts.

In 2022 Smartstone launched an innovative formulation called Smartstone NewGen consisting of a low silica, up to 56% recycled base. ‘NewGen’ surfaces are now available nationally including the Ibrido Collection, and the full range comprising 38 surfaces will have transitioned to Smartstone NewGen by mid-2023. Read our Q&A to find out why implementing this new Smartstone formulation represents the future of engineered surfaces.

Q. What is Smartstone NewGen and why is it so important?

A. ‘NewGen’ is Smartstone’s unique base formulation comprising a low silica and up to 56% recycled content. Smartstone NewGen surfaces comprise under 28% silica content, with the exception of two surfaces under 38%. Offering this exceptional new base helps Smartstone deliver a more sustainable choice in engineered surfaces. This is an important transition as it consolidates our commitment to environment care and industry responsibility, culminating more than 20 years of Smartstone product innovation.

Q. Does the new base Smartstone deliver the same qualities as the previous surface incarnations?

A. Absolutely. Smartstone NewGen provides a more sustainable surface range without altering any of the many intrinsic qualities Australians trust in our surfaces. Their extreme durability, exceptional value, certifications – and, of course, beauty – remains completely unchanged.

Q. Which surfaces currently comprise the Smartstone NewGen base?

A. Smartstone surfaces are currently available with the new base. All ‘NewGen’ surfaces are branded to indicate current national availability.

Surface Stories NewGen Tab Image

Q. Will there be new colours available in Smartstone NewGen?

A. Yes, there will be some stunning new colours welcomed to the range comprising the Smartstone NewGen base and we will also continue many of our popular choices. Some surfaces will not transition to NewGen and be discontinued. The resulting collection will be a carefully curated range of European-inspired low silica surfaces designed for Australian living.

Q. Do installed Smartstone surface pose any risk to consumers?

A. No. Both traditional Smartstone and NewGen surfaces are completely safe in their installed state.  

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